New Location Now Open at 214 Jonesboro Road McDonough, GA 30253
New Location Now Open at 214 Jonesboro Road McDonough, GA 30253
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Infrared Sauna

Theranomic Massage & Sauna offers a unique wellness experience for EVERYONE, by providing a sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Service Overview:

Infrared Sauna

Come “sweat” with us in one of our private single or double infrared sauna suites. Our saunas have the latest infrared technology that delivers the ultimate sweat session. Infrared heat therapy is an innovative “red” light and heat-based combination. The two methods combined, helps relieve stress, treat pain and inflammation in various areas of the body. You will be able to disconnect, relax, and refocus while sweating out toxins. Adding infrared heat therapy to your wellness journey will offer benefits like, improved cardiovascular health, help blood flow and circulation, lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation.


  • Drink water before your session.


  • Your session is in your own private suite with a preset temperature of 125F. You can adjust the
    temperature to your comfort level (120F to 175F). While in the sauna you can wear a bathing suit or undress to your comfort level while you sweat.
  • Each suite comes with its own tablet and includes surround sound so you can stream your favorite music, or you can simply relax and meditate.


60-minute Sessions

The first 45 minutes will be in the sauna, where customers can disconnect, relax, and refocus. While in the sauna, customers will be exposed to infrared technology as well as chromotherapy lighting that can help enhance their experience and improve their overall mood. Customers can also select the temperature of the sauna, starting as low as 60 degrees and going up to 180 degrees. In addition, customers can also select the music during their session.

Benefits of Chromotherapy Lighting
The lighting from chromotherapy has several benefits based on the color chosen by customers. Benefits for each color include:

Red: Warmth, energy, and stimulation. Red enhances metabolism and energizes heart and blood circulation.

Green: Cleansing and purifying. Green provides anti-infectious, anti-septic, and regenerative stimulation.

Blue: Fights both physical and mental tension with its anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing effects.

Violet: Stimulates the spleen and immunity. Violet also helps transform, heal, and bring spiritual insights and renewal.

Post Sauna Shower

After the sauna session is completed, customers can cool down with a refreshing 15-minute shower that will provide them with a relaxing massage and clean their skin post-sweat.


60 Min Session


(5) 60 Min Sessions Package


(10) 60 Min Session-Package


You Deserved to be Pampered

You’ll benefit from the attentive treatment at Theranomics Massage & Sauna.

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